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Top 3 signal jammers in the market

Signal jammers are devices that interfere with mobile phone signals, stopping phones from making and receiving calls or texts. In the past years, several signal jammers have been imported, marketed, or sold under various names like GPS jammers, signal blockers, and text stoppers. So, it can be difficult for you to decide which one to buy. Herein, we look at three of the best signal jammers currently available in the market.

Jammers Pro
Various signal jammers are available under this brand. Jammer PRO10 is listed among the best signal jammers in the 10-bands portable jammer category. It can jam signals within a range of 10-30 meters. The Jammer PR012 is a portable and customizable 12-bands jammer. It can interfere with WiFi signals, GPS systems, and remote controls, among others. Another cell jammer, Monster Jammer Eagle is a new and improved desktop signal jammer. It can easily interrupt and block up to 4G cellular frequencies and WiFi. Some other jammers that you can check out are the Jammer Raptor, Desktop Jammer B88, and Jammer Phoenix.

Phantom Technologies Ltd.

If you are looking for customized signal jammers, devices produced by this company can be an ideal choice. The SCJ1800 Selective Cellular Jammer blocks signals while also giving you the option to connect to the regular network signal. This tool can be used if only certain signals need to be interrupted. Another jamming device, the CCJ800PL Cellular GSM Jammer works on output power of 15W per band. It is efficient in blocking all incoming and outgoing calls within the area of its activation. You can even operate it via remote control and monitor it on an Ethernet network. This makes it one of the best signal jammers in the market.

Perfect Jammer

A range of signal jamming tools is made available by this company. The EO-10 High Power Military Cell Phone Jammer can disrupt several kinds of signals including GPS, WiFi, Lojack, and cell phone signals, such as 4G LTE, 4G, 3G, and GSM/CDMA. It is a military-grade product with a wide jamming range and numerous jamming frequency bands. Another jamming tool, Cell Phone Jammers 8 Bands is a small, portable signal jammer that is ideal to be used in administrative and educational institutes to make sure there is no disturbance created by someone using mobile phones. It can block eight frequencies in a fairly wide area. The device also features a frequency control switch. So, you can select which frequency needs to be blocked.

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