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Primary religious items for Buddhist rituals

Buddhist rituals and activities involve the use of various items, each with a special meaning. These objects are sacred and usually engraved with designs and carvings. Let us look at some of the best religious items of Buddhism and their significance.

This highly religious item is used alongside prayer bells in most Buddhist prayers and rituals. The Vajra is also known as a “thunderbolt” and symbolizes strong spiritual power. A Vajra is made of sacred elements like gold and silver, and other materials like fragrant wood, iron, and copper. Vajras can have three, five, or nine spokes. This ornately designed religious item is held in the right hand, while the bell is kept in the left hand.

Prayer bells
It is one of the best religious items of Buddhism and can be used in every Buddhist ritual. Used most often with a Vajra, the two together represent the male and female aspects. The bell is normally made of copper, its mouth in the shape of a bell, and the handle made similar to half Vajra. Many designs are engraved on its surface. Prayer bells are also used as a musical instrument during Buddhist rituals.

Buddhist right-turning conch shell
This beautifully crafted item is made in the form of a snail shell, with Buddhist designs adorning its surface. It is also among the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. The conch shell is used in Buddhist rituals to bring peace and spread the Buddha’s teachings to the people by awakening them from their ignorance. It is generally painted in white or other light colors.

Tibetan drum
It is a two-headed drum built in different ways. Some types of Tibetan drums include the skull drum, the curved-hammer drum, and the bronze drum among others. The drum is played during festivals and Buddhist ceremonies.

Prayer beads
One of the best religious items in Buddhism, a chain of prayer beads is commonly used while meditating. A prayer bead normally consists of 108 beads on a string, with one guru bead. These prayer beads are made of different materials, from stones to wood.

Ghau box
It is a small-size prayer box or amulet, usually made of metals like gold, silver, or copper. It is engraved with various designs and sometimes inlaid with gemstones. A statue or scripture of the Buddha is placed inside the box and it is used to ward off evil spirits and keep your loved ones safe.

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